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Task Tracker

Task Tracker

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Nail your wedding planning task management as a couple!

  • Divide and conquer tasks as a team
  • Build a fool-proof plan with clear deadlines
  • Streamline wedding task-related communication so it doesn't take over your relationship

What you'll get:

The best tested system to manage your wedding planning tasks as a couple.

  • Instant download
  • Instructional video included
  • Customizable drop-downs
  • Shareable with your partner so you're working in the same document (vs. making a copy and getting out-of-sync)


  • Assign an owner for each task so it's clear who's doing what
  • Choose "split" for tasks you'll manage together


  • Pick how far in advance you want to accomplish tasks
  • Get due dates automatically for each task based on your wedding date


  • Use Google's notification system to tag each other in comments and get email notifications
  • Filter on your partner's tasks to see updates on their tasks
  • Put notes in "Status note" column to document the nitty gritty or link to other documents
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