We both grew up in Southern California, but didn't meet until 2017 at a tiny SoHo cafe in New York City.

It wasn't until four years after our first meeting that we really noticed eachother and started dating.

We quickly fell in love and got engaged, but right after our engagement, the next steps became much less clear.

We both felt completely overwhelmed by the wedding planning process.

The stress of getting started began to take a real toll on us, until we decided we couldn't avoid this any longer. It was time to face the process head-on and dive in.

Through much trial and error, our wedding planning process became such a foundational way we learned to partner together on major life decisions! We are so thankful that we now get to work on WedWeeks together and get to serve couples all over the world!

Kyle & Kristin


Thanks to some very dilligent and intentional planning, we were able to work together as a team to pull off our dream wedding, which happened in Brooklyn, NY on May 13, 2023.

We used some sneaky sleuthing tactics (that we teach through our content) to assemble our dream team of talented vendors, listed below:


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