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Budget Builder

Budget Builder

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Build an accurate wedding budget from the start!

  • Speed up the budgeting process using pre-populated categories
  • Understand higher and lower cost options
  • Share easily to get buy-in

What you'll get:

The best tested system to build an accurate wedding budget.

  • Instant download
  • Instructional video included
  • Automatic calculations (no extra math required!)
  • Shareable with your partner so you're working in the same document (vs. making a copy and getting out-of-sync)


  • Avoid missing big items thanks to pre-populated line items
  • Choose low and high case figures for each item in order to more accurately predict total budget


  • Leverage budget categories so you can understand the breakdown of your total budget
  • Reference the suggested spend % per category


  • Use the "fudge factor" feature to easily add in a bit more padding (just in case!)
  • Understand how the guest list size impacts total budget by changing the 'Guests' cell
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