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Vendor Outreach Tracker

Vendor Outreach Tracker

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Simplify and streamline the process of finding the right vendors for your wedding.

  • Organize all potential vendors in one place
  • Use outreach template to copy/paste into emails
  • Track responses and quotes from vendors

What you'll get:

The best tested system to land the ideal vendors for your wedding

  • Instant download
  • Instructional video included
  • Shareable with your partner so you're working in the same document (vs. making a copy and getting out-of-sync)


  • Capture all potential vendors in one place so you have a great list to reach out to
  • Assign categories so you can filter on specific vendor types when needed


  • Save time by copy-pasting straight from the Outreach Message Generator


  • Keep tabs on responses and other details
  • Link out to additional information from vendors
  • Make comments as a couple in the doc as you learn more about the vendors
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